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  • World is enjoying the Digital Currency. What is Bitcoin? let’s know.

World is enjoying the Digital Currency. What is Bitcoin? let’s know.

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  • 9 Months ago
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We are living in a digital era where almost every industry is getting digitized at a rapid pace. There are a lot of digitization wonders we can see in day to day life.

But did you ever imagine that we will ever have a digital currency??

No, right!

Digital Currency Bitcoin is one of the greatest wonders we can imagine of. Many of us still are not aware of Bitcoin Trade. In Bitcoin, the software alone is very much capable of matching traders with each other in a decentralized manner. In this article, we will address some important points that each one of us should be aware of.

  1. What is Bitcoin?
  2. How does the Bitcoin exchange works?
  3. Benefits of having Bitcoin.

Let’s dive into details about each one of them.

What is BitCoin?

It is a well-known cryptocurrency and the first decentralized digital currency. It is called digital currency because there is not a single person sitting to manage the bank as an administrator. Everything is digital. You must know that this digital currency is one of the best examples of digitization we have ever seen.

It is still a mystery that who is its inventor. We just know that a person or a group under released it in 2009 under the name of Satoshi Nakamoto. Its transaction is a transfer of value between Bitcoin wallets that gets included in the blockchain. Bitcoin wallets keep unique and secret data which is also known as a private key or seed. This is also to sign transactions and to provide a mathematical proof for belonging to one particular wallet.

How does the Bitcoin exchange works?

Digital currency utilizes the latest technology for overall functionality. It is an art to keep the details on Bitcoin buyer secure over the internet. Users can store money without giving all of their details.

Bitcoin exchange- It is a defined digital marketplace where any of the interested traders can buy and even sell Bitcoins with help of different fiat currencies or altcoins. A Bitcoin currency exchange is nothing but an online platform which is meant to be an intermediary between all buyers as well as sellers of the cryptocurrency. Safest cryptocurrency exchanges are the companies that have placed themselves as intermediaries between the customers and earn a profit by taking fees. It is all done by a pre-programmed software without involving any single human being. Cryptocurrency is made with help of a unique process known as mining and the entire process is highly defined. Users can purchase the currencies from any of the registered brokers and keep them in cryptographic wallets that serve as a prime medium for managing hassle-free transactions.

Reliable and Best Bitcoin Exchanges-

There are many secured Bitcoin Exchanges, but you might get confused on which are the best among all. Just like many others, you too must be wondering about best bitcoin trading platform.Here are top 3 suggestions for you.

  1. Coinbase.com

This website combines an effective as well as the attractive interface. It acts as a catalyst to get Bitcoins by using various online wallets and even debit cards. It is easy to use, have many loyal customers, and online wallets are available with them.

  1. Localbitcoins.com

This website is very famous for person to person transactions throughout the world. It allows you to interact directly with the person from whom you are buying the Bitcoin. It is very reputed and is a great for meeting new people interested in Bitcoins, you can use Paypal without any verification process.

  1. Bittrex.com

If we talk about the latest and largest crypto exchange dealers then Bittrex will be on top of the list. You will be amazed to know that it has over 200 trading pairs and is trusted by millions of traders. Hence, it is an altcoin exchange that is very much in demand. Also is being loved by big level traders

Benefits of Bitcoins

  • Paperless transactions- All we should have is Bitcoin wallet program downloaded with us. We can generate a wide number of Bitcoin address to send or receive them. No id proofs or any other paperwork is required to start using it.
  • Reverse ability– It also enables the users to ‘chargeback’ the payment even after completing the payment formalities. Bitcoin is a unique payment method which is 100% irreversible and cannot be charged back. Hence, you should be very careful while sending Bitcoins and make sure that you are sending them to a trusted vendor.
  • Steadily increasing value- Value of each coin is continuously increasing day by day. This is the reason the Bitcoin trade in also gaining popularity rapidly.

The Conclusion– So, throughout this article, we tried to understand every detail about Bitcoinincluding what is Bitcoin, its benefits and how does the Bitcoin exchange works.

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